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Do French Consulates currently issue visas ?

No, due to the health crisis linked to Covid-19, France has suspended the submission of applications and the issuance of visas until further notice (short-stay or long-stay visas). This suspension also applies to applications already submitted.


Can I currently go to the foreign services of the local Prefecture ?

No, in principle the reception of applicants for residence permits in the local Prefectures is suspended until further notice. However, as some local Prefectures have maintained reduced services, we invite you to check their opening and reception hours directly on their website.

The local Prefectures had informed me that my residence permit was available, can I get it ?

No, in principle, the issuance of permits is suspended and will restart at the end of the period of health emergency. However, we invite you to check this question directly on the website of your local Prefecture.

Do the local Prefecture process applications for residence permits ?

In principle, the processing of applications is suspended and will restart after the end of the period of health emergency. However, some local Prefectures accept to receive and examine applications for specific residence permits. We invite you to check this point directly on the website of your local Prefecture.


What happens if my residence permit expires between 16 March and 15 May 2020 ?

The period of validity of residence permits expiring between 16th March 2020 and 15th May 2020 is extended by six months. The extension of validity is automatic and does not require any formalities. It is therefore possible to remain on the French territory and continue to work (if your document allows you to do so).

The residence permits concerned are the following: long-stay visas, residence permits, provisional residence permits, receipts for residence permit applications and asylum application certificates.

Can I leave the French territory during the extension of my residence document ?

The extension of the validity of residence documents is a measure that only applies on French territory. Holders of expired residence documents are therefore advised not to leave France.


I have a French residence permit but I am currently outside the Schengen area, can I enter French territory ?

The following people are currently allowed to enter France :

  • French citizens, their spouses and children;
  • European citizens and British, Icelandic, Liechtenstein, Norwegian, Andorran, Monegasque and Swiss nationals, their spouses and children;
  • citizens of the Holy See and San Marino, their spouses and children if they reside in France or if they transit through France to arrive to their residence;
  • foreigners holding a valid residence permit, including a long-stay visa which is equivalent to a residence permit, their spouses and children, members of European families residing in France;
  • foreigners holding a short-stay visa in limited cases (transport of goods).